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What Does ‘The Waffle Home Has Discovered Its New Host’ Even Imply? The Out of Contact Adults’ Information to Child Tradition

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On this week’s kids-report, the youngsters of post-everything America check out the world we constructed for them and supply a verdict. Spoiler: It’s not tremendous optimistic. Fortunately, growth of flying Taser robots is continuing quickly; hopefully they’ll quickly be deployed to our nation’s faculties quickly to supply a forceful morale enhance.

Taser-equipped robotic drones are coming to varsities 

I’ve seen the way forward for faculty safety, and it’s superior. Scottsdale, Arizona’s ominously monikered Axom Enterprises is diligently at work creating remotely managed faculty safety drones geared up with Tasers able to “incapacitating an lively shooter in lower than 60 seconds.” Nothing will make youngsters really feel safer than filling into faculty previous a military of weaponized flying robots able to electrocute them in the event that they step out of line.

In a report on the drone growth program, Axon’s Ethics Board really useful that the corporate, “by no means launch a drone with an autonomous weapon,” and indicated considerations that Taser-robots is perhaps employed extra closely in black, brown, and different marginalized communities. (Ya assume??), so perhaps the corporate ought to hearken to itself and cease attempting to do that insane factor? Axom responded with, principally, “Thanks for all of the work, fellas! However we’re going to go forward and make killer robots for faculties anyway.” Unsurprisingly, 9 of 12 ethics board members have since resigned. Apparently these latte-drinkers don’t need to reside in a straight-to-DVD science fiction film from the Nineties.

What’s “corecore” and why does it make me so unhappy?

Fashionable TikTokers and and heavy metallic followers alike love their ‘cores—there’s cottagecore, deathcore, normcore, hardcore, and many others. The brand new factor is “corecore.” It’s a bit of onerous to outline, however, from an outsider’s perspective, it appears to include movies that mash-up snippets of media about expertise to touch upon the isolation and alienation we’re all experiencing on this boring dystopia. Corecore is wise, depressed children asking, “how did we get right here, anyway?”

It’s to 2023 as Radiohead’s OK Pc was to 1997. Which is to say: It’s bleak, however it’s additionally vaguely encouraging as a result of at the least some younger persons are refusing to swallow every little thing they’re being served. A few of these movies are distilled alienation so potent it should cease you useless or at the least make you name your mother or one thing. If that seems like your factor, try the hashtag. It’s brutal, however addictive.

Gen-Z workers look at office culture and find it lacking

Speaking of young people noticing the absurdity of just-before-the-collapse America, young office drones (the human kind) who entered the workforce during the “everyone works from home because no one wants to get the plague” years are being asked to go in to the office, and many of them are not pleased about it, to put it mildly. This video from TikTokers Phil & Daw says all of it in 11 seconds. Many employers are asking their workers to return to work “for the tradition” (positively not as a result of they signed a lease on costly workplace house!), and this video exhibits you precisely what “the tradition” is like. It’s relentless. Commenters are piling on with their very own observations like, “The tradition: a ping pong desk we will’t use as a result of persons are working and it’s in the midst of the workplace,” and “One of the best half is driving 45 minutes every technique to have conferences on Zoom,” and “You possibly can simply really feel the inventive vitality and spontaneous exchanges that spark innovation!”

Why aren’t younger individuals consuming?

You’d assume all this alienation would result in alcoholism, however nope: Gen-Z simply doesn’t drink as a lot as earlier generations. People general are consuming much less, however the drop is most noticeable amongst youthful individuals. The variety of college-aged individuals who don’t drink any alcohol has jumped from 20% to twenty-eight% during the last ten years.

Whereas some attribute the drop to monetary pressures, I believe it’s extra probably that younger persons are not as inconsiderate as older individuals—different dangerous behaviors like drug use, smoking, and crime are additionally on the decline within the youthful demos. Actually all I did in highschool was drink, scheme to get my palms on alcohol, and drink some extra. The one silver lining was that by the point I received to school I used to be just about over consuming. I believe youthful persons are good sufficient to skip the entire “drink till it will get boring” step.

Viral video of the week: “The Waffle Home has discovered its new host” defined

Sufficient seriousness! Let’s gawk at a innocent troll that received out of hand. This week’s viral video is concerning the idea of virality itself. Have you ever observed the phrase “The Waffle Home has discovered its new host” popping up randomly on message boards and feedback sections currently? I noticed it as soon as and thought, “bizarre.” Then I noticed it pop up within the feedback of three completely different movies on YouTube and received curious. After intensive analysis (consisting of of googling), I tracked the phrase again to YouTuber Jonny RaZeR Shortsm and decided that the phrase itself doesn’t imply something—by design. Mr. RaZeR Shorts and his followers had been taking part in a prank. The thought was that everybody within the tremendous secret membership ought to put up the vaguely ominous phrase on each remark part starting on Jan. 31. Then, after a pair days, everybody would delete the feedback, leaving nothing behind however the thriller. However in keeping with RaZer Shorts, it labored too effectively. No one waited till the thirty first and it received far more well-liked than he anticipated. Right here’s a video of RaZeR Shorts explaining the entire thing intimately.



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