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Setting A Unhealthy Instance – Bike Snob NYC

Again in February I shared this video about foam sport-themed bicycling hats:

Yesterday, I obtained an thrilling supply from a maker of biking headgear:

To be clear, I’m grateful for the supply, and it isn’t my intention to ridicule both the one that despatched this to me or the corporate as an entire. On the identical time, how might I not be delighted by the irony? Additionally, how might I not be aggravated that I’m additionally equally flippant about costly crabon bicycles, but no person emails me and presents to ship me a $14,500 Aethos?

Paradoxically in 2022 the one strategy to get a easy street bike with roundish tubes and minimal branding is to crack the $10,000 barrier.

Anyway, I suppose I shold make a video about why I don’t experience plastic bikes, after which I’ll have my choose of the litter just a few months later.

Within the meantime, I proceed to pursue my newfound ardour for Dirtbag Highway driving, and swimming throughout rides, which is after all the DR equal of the normal roadie café cease. (And please resist the urge to conflate the Dirtbag Highway swim with the swim leg of a triathlon. The previous is merely a nice cooling-off, whereas the most recent is a kind of mania, and the 2 actions are as unrelated as your stroll into the woods to take a leak is to the working leg of a triathlon.) Not like my final swim, which was unsanctioned and in recent water, this one passed off in a salt water physique the place swimming is allowed:

it’s a great day for swimming when it’s sizzling sufficient to soften chewing gum:

At first I felt responsible for the weekday seaside time on high of the weekday saddle time:

However then I spotted that the seaside interlude would take up basically the identical period of time as incorporating just a few climbs into the experience, so I stated “Fuck it” and opened a beer:

Determine each foot of vertical ascent you chop out of your experience equals a further 5 seconds of towel time:

Which means by slicing out this climb alone I used to be capable of swim and sit there lengthy sufficient for my swimsuit to dry:

See that? Strava is sweet for one thing.

Transferring on to issues of coverage, Austin, TX can pay individuals who report bike lane blockers a minimize of the positive:

As a result of when you’re going to make an earnest try to get motorists out of the bike lane, it is smart to emulate the town that has fully and famously didn’t get motorists out of the bike lane:

In fact, New York Metropolis doesn’t pay you to rat out bike lane blockers; it pays you to rat out idling truck drivers. Admittedly, this has been a windfall for a minimum of three folks, a minimum of two of whom in all probability don’t want the cash:

Although I’ll exit on a limb and say it hasn’t made the slightest distinction with regards to idling.

What Austin might or might not perceive is that in New York Metropolis these fines don’t exist to vary conduct; fairly, they’re mainly a tax on conduct they know individuals are going to interact in anyway and don’t have any actual curiosity in stopping. For instance, the town is aware of folks make deliveries by truck, they usually know the folks making deliveries are going to be pressured to dam the bike lane to be able to do it. In order that they merely work out a deal for what’s basically a de-facto bike lane-blocking allow through the town’s “Stipulated Parking Advantageous Program:”

Equally, the town is aware of these vehicles will idle, they usually know they will money in on the sheer ubiquity of the follow (it’s a certain wager, like fining folks for respiratory), in order that they’re prepared to chop you in in order that they will web much more cash and faux they’re doing one thing to “struggle local weather change” on the identical time.

Actually, it’s fairly elegant if you consider it–the town is mainly growing the scale of its forms whereas concurrently offloading extra duty onto you, the citizen. And naturally with regards to reporting non-public motorists (versus the supply drivers who couldn’t give a fuck whether or not or not they get tickets because it’s all been pre-negotiated anyway) there’s the additional benefit that one among them would possibly resolve to kick the shit out of you:

Good luck, Austin! You’ve hitched your wagon to a fading star.



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