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How Usually Ought to You Take a Break From Acrylic Nails?

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With so many people embracing the totally manicured, ‘polished’ look these days, it’s additionally solely pure that nail detoxes have turn out to be as sizzling a subject as nail artwork itself. And whereas it’s true that there’s such a factor as wholesome nails with a dab of polish, extreme use of paint, gel, and acrylics can take its toll on our nails over time. 

Right here we reply how usually it is best to take a break from acrylic nails, and how one can restore your brittle, broken nails to their former glory with a nail strengthener.

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Do I actually need to let my nails breathe?

Whereas it is perhaps a metaphorical use of the phrase ‘breathe’, nails don’t absorb oxygen from the air. Subsequently nails don’t must be free from polish to remain wholesome, however they do want correct care. 

Nails can turn out to be discolored due to pigments in polishes. Otherwise you would possibly discover white patches showing in your nail after polish is incorrectly eliminated. A break from nail polish each occasionally will be welcome to forestall yellowing and chipping. 

Whereas there’s not an outlined time-frame that works for everybody, it is best to be sure that your nails are correctly cared for. It’s not a good suggestion to let injury construct up. So, determine if a break is greatest for you each few weeks or months. A superb indicator that it’s time for a relaxation is when your pure nail is not brilliant pink and easy.   

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Wait… are acrylic nails dangerous for you?

We received’t go that far, however they will positively be robust in your nails and the pores and skin in your palms. Over-manicuring, poor-quality manicures, and making use of polish to already broken nails could make them extra brittle, together with inflicting thinning of the nail plate – the laborious a part of the nail made up of keratin.

For instance, gel manicures could cause nail dehydration and thinning if utilized in extra and particularly if not appropriately utilized with a gel base coat. Acrylic nails may also injury the nails in the long term, because the floor of your pure nails is filed down for utility, which means the pure nail turns into weaker. 

One other factor to think about: the curing course of. Most gel nails want ultraviolet (UV) gentle to harden. And gel nail polish plus UV radiation can truly hurt the keratins in nails, probably making them extra fragile. 

Past your nails, are there dangers to your pores and skin when utilizing UV-curing lamps? The American Affiliation of Dermatology recommends going to a nail salon that makes use of an LED curing gentle as an alternative of a UV gentle. Whereas LED lamps nonetheless emit UV radiation, it’s lower than with a UV curing gentle. An LED gentle additionally cures extra rapidly, lowering your palms’ publicity to UV rays. Then again, the FDA views all nail curing lamps as low threat when used as directed by the label. 

However, it’s all the time a good suggestion to put on broad spectrum sunscreen each day – even in your palms! 

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Can I take away faux nails myself? 

Earlier than you begin your nail break, you’ll after all should take away your gels or acrylics. Whereas that is usually greatest to depart to the professionals – and all the higher when you can – there could also be moments the place you aren’t capable of get to the salon to have them eliminated. 

In case your faux nails begin to fall off or get chipped, it’s essential to recollect to not decide at them, and to attempt to take away them in a method that causes much less injury to your pure nails

Within the occasion you could take away your faux nails or gel polish at residence, you’ll want nail polish remover, cotton wool, nail scissors, a nail file, and tin foil. 

Step 1

Clip your nails (faux, faux and actual, or gel-covered) down utilizing the nail scissors. After all, you might need to maintain your nails lengthy, however the shorter they’re, the better will probably be to take away your faux nails. 

Step 2

Take your nail file and gently easy the highest of your nails, attempting to get the gel or acrylic as skinny as potential. 

Step 3

When you may merely soak your nails in polish remover, this may expose extra than simply your nails to the remover, when it’s not crucial. First, soak cotton wool pads or balls in polish remover. Then wrap your nails in particular person squares of pre-cut tin foil, securing the cotton ball on prime of the nail. You’ll need to do that whereas watching a film, as you could maintain the foil in your nails for 30-40 minutes. 

Step 4

Carry up one in every of your foils to verify in your nails, and if the acrylics have soaked off. As soon as they’ve all been eliminated, buff your nails to take away any smaller items. 

Step 5

Wash your palms and nails and gently pat them dry. Then, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! End with a hydrating nail strengthener that you may apply over your nails and cuticles, like ISDIN Si-Nails. 

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How can I strengthen my nails after acrylics or gel?

When you’ve had your gel or acrylic nails eliminated, you can begin to look after them by utilizing a product that strengthens and hydrates the nail construction whereas offering it with the elements it must feel and appear wholesome once more.  

And what are these nail-boosting elements? Let’s verify them out:


Keratins are an essential constructing block for robust and resistant nails. ISDIN’s Si-Nails boasts resin from Pistacia lentiscus gum to assist assist keratins and increase nail hardness.


Silicon is likely one of the predominant minerals within the nail. Ingredient silanediol salicylate promotes silicon, a vital step in rising wholesome, lovely nails.

Hydration boosters

Hyaluronic acid is likely one of the most well-known moisturizers on the earth, which promotes the hydration of your nail plate. Take our premium nail strengthening product as a working example. The cationic hyaluronic acid inside helps increase nail flexibility and revamp the look of nails and cuticles. 

The ultimate coat

Even when you determine to return to shine, gel, or acrylic nails, be sure to give them ongoing hydration care and go to an expert nail tech for each utility and removing. 

In case your nails are broken, sustain with nail strengthening care till your nails are restored, stronger, and more healthy – and afterward if you wish to preserve your laborious work! With the best therapy, you’ll be effectively in your solution to the wholesome nails you’ve all the time dreamed of!

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