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Do not Fall for These 8 Fashionable Thanksgiving Lies

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Folks on Fb posting a recipe for “popcorn stuffing” jogged my memory of the next true story: Once I was 16, I attended Thanksgiving at my non secular aunt and uncle’s home. They’d additionally invited an historic Irish nun. As a budding reprobate and dirtbag, I used to be uncomfortable within the presence of a fully-habited illustration of Catholicism.

Earlier than dinner, Sister Mary Katherine cornered me within the den and stated, “Excuse me, son, are you aware in the event that they put popcorn within the stuffing?”

I stated, “I’m undecided, sister, however why would they do this?”

She paused after which replied, “As a result of that approach, when it’s completed, it’ll pop its ass off!” Then she clapped me on the again and guffawed loud and lengthy. It was the funniest joke I’d ever heard. (After dinner, we snuck outdoors and smoked cigarettes and she or he advised me she didn’t believed in God anymore however didn’t remorse turning into a nun due to the nice work she had completed.)

Anyway, it was a joke when that nun stated it, and it’s a joke now. Snopes did the analysis, and the corn wouldn’t pop even for those who have been dumb sufficient so as to add it to your stuffing. This dude really tried it!



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