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11 Issues You Use (or Eat) That Aren’t Made the Approach You Assume

Silk worm farming in India: how your silk is made

You’ve in all probability heard that silkworms “make” silk, however they don’t simply sit round fortunately squeezing it out. A silkworm is a caterpillar, and when it’s time to show right into a moth, the caterpillar creates a cocoon for itself—out of a single strand of silk. All it’s a must to do is unwind it, and also you’ll have about half a mile of a steady, sturdy thread. (Examine that to cotton, whose fibers are solely about an inch lengthy and have to be twisted collectively to make thread. That is why silk is so sturdy and easy.)

To get that thread, you may’t await the moth to emerge; it rips the cocoon open when it does. So you could bake, steam, or boil the cocoon to kill the moth, after which you may unwind it to make your personal cocoon. I imply, garments.



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